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Why Does Your Business Need A Website?


If you remember, there was a time when telephone directories were spreading all over the world like a forest fire? The yellow pages then were one of the mediums that were chosen to put business ads out. With the shift of the world to a digital era, even the mediums of reaching out to people have changed drastically.


Facts tell that, on average, a person manages to spend about 6 hours and 42 minutes each day online. And now, with the COVID-19 crisis, the scores are higher than ever. Leaving that behind, we must not forget that this crisis has also boosted the need for everything and every business going Getting back to the basics let me state out some of the primary reasons why your business needs to have a website online. To Get Your Branding Done Right Visit The Link Smithk Solutions


 If you aren’t available online, you might not even be noticeable.30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website: 30% might seem like an easy number, but when it comes to business, it can bring you down to a huge fall-back. As mentioned above, people have grown more and more attracted to online sources for getting their things done. In such circumstances, your website would prove to be one of your biggest assets. People tend to rely more on companies that have a professional and well-developed website more, rather than those who have a poor-quality one or those, who don’t have it at all. Consumers of today do not even find these companies reliable.


Consumers are searching for you online:


96% of people go online searching for whatever they need before they go the traditional way and move out. Believe it or not, there are about 3.5 billion (Whoa!) searches on Google every single day. So, if you aren’t there yet, do it today. If you miss it, someone else in your competition may get your customers.


Communication has shifted online:

In the present day, consumers like it better to contact businesses online rather than going straight to them. This process is way more convenient, and looking at the busy lifestyle that we lead, this saves a lot of time.


Commercial transactions are influenced by the digital industry :

 A huge 75% of B2B buyers state that their buying decisions are significantly affected by the digital website contents. Again, about 62% say that finalising a deal for them may be based on that as well. It’s not just about B2B customers; a good website affects the whole market altogether.



Future of business:

For a long time, it might seem not that relevant to some of the business owners, but the circumstances that nature has put us into must have changed their views. The future of marketing rests on the shoulders of the digital world. If you wish to be visible, you need to have a good website.

I believe I have covered all the important points (more or less). If you think (or, if someone has said you) that you don’t need a website, you are falling into a big mistake there! Believe it or not, a website is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of scoring high with your business. If you still have queries, feel free to contact Smithk Solutions at .